UUPlus Direct Dial data users using the Iridium network are currently experiencing a high level of call failures. At first we thought this might be a long distance carrier issue but at this time we are not sure.

IP based and Inmarsat direct dial connections are not effected and operating normally.

To overcome the issue Iridium users configured to use direct dial should switch to using the Iridium gateway to connect.

Following are the instructions to configure UUPlus Personal software to use the Iridium gateway. Email us for Win XP and Mac instructions.

Configuring UUPlus Personal to use the Iridium Gateway On Win7 and newer.

1. First you need to create a Windows modem file for the Iridium phone if you do not already have one. To do this, plug in your phone, make sure it's on, then click on the Windows Start menu and in the Search dialog box ("Search programs and files" in Win7) type in "modem". From the list of responses select "Phone and Modem". This brings up the Phone and Modem dialog box. Note that if you have never done this before you will be prompted for your area code.

In the Phone and Modem window, select the Modems tab. If you have an older 9505 you will need to add a "Standard 19200 bps Modem" if one isn't listed. To do so, click [Add], then check "Don't detect my modem, I will select it from a list", and click [Next]. In (Standard Modem Types), select "Standard 19200 bps Modem" and click [Next]. Select the port the modem is on and click [Next].

You should be back in the Phone and Modem window, select the newly installed modem and click [Properties]. In the Properties window, click [Change Settings] if the button is visible, then select the Advanced tab, and in the Extra Initiation Commands edit box type in:


Click [OK] to close the Phone and Modem windows.

2. If you can, get the latest version of UUPlus Personal (6.4.11) from here or from your dealer. If you have just installed UUPlus Personal from the downloaded file, close the software and restart it from the desktop icon or your first call through the gateway will fail.

With UUPlus Personal running, click [Setup] and select the Calling tab. Click [Add New Location] and in the Modem Type drop-down box select "+UUPlus VPN over Dial-Up Networking" and click [Install]. If you haven't been able to upgrad your software you won't have the "+UUPlus VPN over Dial-Up Networking", so select "+UUPlus VPN Secure IP Connection".

You should now be back in the Calling tab. Making sure the new location is selected (in the left side list), drop down the Dun Entry: list and select the Iridium entry if you have one. If not, click the [DUN Settings] button (DUN stands for Dial-Up Networking) and add a new connection, following the prompts.

If you do not see a [DUN Settings] button, click on Windows Start and type in "dialup" in the search field and select "Set up a dialup connection" and follow the prompts. The phone number is 008816000025, the User name and password are not used, but type in "qnc" for both, check "Remember this Password", and name the connection "Iridium".

In the Network Connections window (click the [DUN Settings] button) select the Iridium network connection and click [Properties]. On the Options tab uncheck all options except the first one ("Display progress while connecting") and set "Redial attempts" to 0. On the Networking tab check "Internet Protocol Version 6" and "Internet Protocol Version 4" checked, and all other options unchecked. On the Sharing tab make sure all options are unchecked. Click OK when done.

If you do not have a [DUN Settings] button in the UUPlus software you can get to the above settings through the Control Panel or the Network icon in the tray.

At this point you may need to close the UUPlus Personal Setup window and reopen it to the Calling tab to refresh the listings in the DUN Entry: field. Select the newly added Dialup entry for the Iridium phone. A [Edit Login] button should now appear to the right of the DUN Entry edit field. Click it.

For Iridium, the login and password are not used, type "qnc" into both fields. The Phone Number for the Iridium gateway is 008816000025, so type that into the Phone Number field. More than likely you should NOT check the "Keep Alive after Connect" option.

At this point you should be all set to connect through the Iridium gateway and now fully understand why UUPlus has used direct dial for all these years. It is faster.

Note: Some users have reported the gateway timing out at 60 seconds and the call dropping. In the past, when testing gateway connects, we also noticed this. You may have greater success using the gateway connection if you manually dial from Windows Networking, then, using the UUPlus "VPN-LAN" location, click the call button in UUPlus, then manually hang up when done. Don't forget to hang up the connection.

Another thing you can do is set the "Dial:" field in UUPlus Personal Setup, on the Calling tab, to (rather than "uuplus.net:5540"). This will eliminate using a DNS lookup to resolve the address and may save a considerable amount of connect time.

Another thing you should do is turn off all automatic updates in Windows and all other software that may be running on your computer. This is new for UUPlus direct dial users, those who have been using IP based satellite solutions already know to do this.


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