UUPlus Personal is ideal for individuals or small groups in need of only one email address. Personal is easy to install for the novice computer user yet versatile enough for the more advanced users.

Personal is essentially a dialer program specifically designed to send and receive email over satellite phones. It does have a simplified mailer, but is designed to work in conjunction with your POP compatible mailer such as Outlook Express, Eudora, or Pegasus Mail.

Email addresses are in the form "username@uuplus.com."


Calling Locations:

UUPlus Personal can be configured to use several different modems or connection types based on available services at your current location. For instance, while in town or in a marina you may have access to a local ISP, but while in the field or at sea you may only have your satellite phone. Each of these different types of connections are stored as "Calling Locations." From each location you can select what kind of modem to use, what UUPlus number to dial and what kind of connection to use (Automatic Download or Interactive Download). Once all calling locations have been established, they can be easily accessed from the console window.

Automatic Download:

In the automatic download mode, Personal will download all email messages under the specified size and once all mail has been sent and received it will automatically hang-up. If a user's mailbox contains 5 messages over 25K and 5 messages under 25K and the selection size is any messages less than 25K, under the automatic download mode, the user will only download the 5 messages under the 25K mark. The user will not be notified of the messages over the 25K mark. This is very useful when the user is switching between two dialing locations of different bandwidth and cost levels. When the user is on the more expensive connection, say an Iridium phone, then the user probably only wants to download the small messages whereas when the user is connected to a faster connection, then all the messages can be downloaded. The user can define a different selection size for each dialing location.

Interactive Download:

In the Interactive Download mode, Personal will download all email messages under the specified size and display the remaining emails, including attachments which may have been associated with already downloaded messages. In this display the user can decide whether to download, delete, or ignore any of the messages listed. This interactive mode is very useful to determine what is in the user's mailbox, but typically will slightly increase the amount of off-hook time used in downloading mail.

When using the Regional BAN or Mobile Packet Data Service, where the cost is based on how much data is transmitted rather than how long the phone is off-hook, the Interactive mode is quite useful in deciding what to download and what not to.

All emails and attachments downloaded under the interactive mode are compressed prior to transmission however they are sent as individual files and not batched together. The result is the compression ratio will not be as high as it would be under the automatic download mode.

Max Size Limit:

Sets a maximum size limit for the user's account. Any email messages over the set size limit will be returned to the sender with an explanation why or forwarded to a user specified email address. By default the max messages size limit is 25K.

The reason for the max message size limit is that connecting over a satellite phone is both a slow and expensive process. Without a size limit, it is possible for somebody to send the user a large and therefore expensive attachment. The size limit prevents such large messages from getting into the user's mailbox.

Trusted Address List:

If a user has a set size limit, but wants to receive email messages from certain addresses regardless of size, then those email addresses are placed in the trusted address list. Any email address or domain in the trusted address list will bypass the message size limit.

Inbound Mail Filter:

This is a user defined junk mail filter. The UUPlus server will reject any email message matching an address, domain, keyword, or phrase in this list.

OK List:

The Ok-List is a "white list" used for junk mail filtering. If this option is checked, the server will keep track of each address the user sends mail to and add that address to the white list. Any email message coming from an address not in this list will be put in hold status. The user will receive a summary email from UUPlus of every message placed on hold. If the user decides a message is legitimate, he or she can inform the UUPlus server to release that email message.

Minimize Message Filter:

This filter removes unnecessary HTML formatting and message header information before transfer. This reduces the size of the email message, making it less expensive to download. Formatted messages average a reduction of 50%. The email messages will no longer be in nicely formatted text, but they won't cost as much either.

Mail Fetch:

The mail fetch allows the user to fetch mail from up to four POP accessible Internet email accounts outside the UUPlus domain. Accounts are fetched once an hour and any mail fetched by UUPlus is placed in the user's mailbox. Some email providers such as AOL and Hotmail do not allow POP access and therefore UUPlus cannot fetch those accounts. Check with your service provider to learn if your email account is POP accessible.

Web Fetch:

UUPlus does not provide an Internet connection capable of browsing the Internet, but we do have the ability to fetch files off the Internet and prepare them for download. This feature is especially useful for downloading weather maps, forecasts, and news off the web.

Items can be downloaded on demand or the UUPlus server can be instructed to download the files at specified times. All files requested with the web fetch are automatically compressed before being downloaded.

SMS Notification:

For satellite networks which provide SMS, such as the Iridium network, UUPlus can send SMS messages based on a number of circumstances. For example UUPlus can send an SMS message when new mail arrives or mail from a certain address arrives, or when the inbox reaches a certain size. This is very useful as it allows the user to know when there is mail rather than making an expensive call to check to see if there is mail to download.

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